Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence


Domestic violence and allegations of domestic abuse are some of the most emotionally painful circumstances a person can face. At the Law Offices of Stephanie L. Mahdavi, we are committed to providing the legal guidance and representation you need to face these times and protect yourself and your children, whether you are in need of a protective order or dealing with false allegations.

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Advocacy In Seeking Protective Orders

If you are seeking a restraining order, you must show that there is a real and tangible threat of mental or physical violence. Ventura County courts will generally want to understand what occurred to make you feel threatened or see a pattern of abuse or harassment taking place.

A temporary restraining order is often granted to provide immediate protection for you and the children, if the court finds that they are at risk. Twenty-one days after this is granted, a hearing will be held allowing you to prove that a permanent restraining order is warranted. During this hearing, the person seeking the restraining order is required to produce evidence that he or she or the children are threatened and in imminent danger.

A skilled Westlake Village domestic violence attorney can walk you through the process of how to effectively get the protection you need.

Domestic Violence And Divorce — Handling False Allegations Of Abuse And Domestic Violence

As an experienced Westlake Village domestic violence attorney, Stephanie L. Mahdavi can do much more than just represent abuse victims. She also represents those who are falsely accused of domestic violence. If your partner or spouse is seeking a restraining order against you without cause, there are steps that you can take to protect yourself and your relationship with your children. All too often, a spouse will seek such orders against the other parent after a divorce to get the upper hand in family law proceedings. Our lawyers will help you understand your legal options and the ways you can protect yourself.
It is important that you carefully document all events and interactions with the spouse, including emails, correspondence and other evidence. Showing this chain of evidence and events can help to substantiate your claim that you are being wrongfully accused.

Preparing You For Court And Testifying

Most domestic violence and restraining order cases are a matter of one person’s word against the other’s. Because of this, the court often leans toward the individual with greater credibility. It is important that you demonstrate your credibility in court, testifying truthfully.

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