As life changes in the years that follow a divorce, the divorce agreement must often be modified to reflect the new needs and dynamics of the family. Child custody, visitation, child support and spousal support are almost always modifiable. These modifications can be confrontational and complex at times, and it is important that you have representation equipped to protect your best interests, as well as the best interests of your children.

At the Law Offices of Stephanie L. Mahdavi, we are focused on providing families and parents with legal guidance that will help achieve those modifications and continue to thrive under the court’s rulings. Westlake Village divorce modification attorney Stephanie L. Mahdavi has more than a decade of experience, reaching resolutions on behalf of clients by keeping all parties involved directed at an effective and efficient outcome.

For answers to your modification questions, reach out to our law firm online. Based in Ventura County, we assist individuals in California with their divorce agreement adjustments.

Types Of Divorce Modifications That We Assist Clients With

  • Child custody — Modifications can be sought for a parent’s relocation or a parent’s significant change in lifestyle or living situation. Child custody modifications are often also granted if the parent with less parenting time wants to increase the amount of time he or she is allowed with the child. The court will consider the circumstances surrounding the request, such as reasons for the move, as well as the child’s wishes.
  • Child support — The court will often grant a modification to child support if one of the parents has a significant change in income, assets or lifestyle. This could include losing a job, getting a significant raise, coming into money, or any increase or decrease in assets. If granted, the new support will only be retroactive to the date of the filing and service.
  • Spousal support — Permanent spousal support is modifiable if one or both of the spouses have a significant change in circumstances, including health, earning capacity, standard of living, financial needs or employment. A request to modify spousal support is usually only modifiable through litigation; however, at times the parties, through negotiations, can resolve without the need for court intervention.

Our Westlake Village modification attorneys will sit down with you and help you understand your legal options based on your circumstances and that of your spouse. We will provide a clear and realistic perspective, as well as the representation needed to accomplish the best possible outcome.

Based In Westlake Village, We Assist Clients With All Divorce Modification Needs

Change is a part of life. The same goes with divorce. Whether you or your former spouse has experienced a change in income or relocating to another state, it can affect terms of your divorce decree–including child custody, visitation and spousal support. To learn more on how a Westlake Village divorce modification attorney can help, schedule a free initial consultation, please contact our California law offices today by calling 805-409-9132.