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Some people feel they have come to a dead end when filing for divorce. It may feel like you are not making any progress for a while but hold on, the dark clouds will pass. It’s a traumatic experience but it’ll eventually lead you to a joyful end. Perhaps the collaborative law process works best […]

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Many divorcees have to take the guilt trip society or religion has imposed on them. Some may even continue living unhappily ever after because they don’t want to interrupt their children’s routines. Change is part of the natural cycle of life and children who learn to cope with change at an early age are stronger […]

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For many California parents, going through the divorce process can be difficult especially if they are no longer able to work together. However, it is imperative that, no matter how the parents feel about their upcoming divorce, they do what is best for their children. Choosing the right time to start the divorce process is […]


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