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Our Family Law Practice

At the Law Offices of Stephanie L. Mahdavi,

we focus solely on family law, legal separation and divorce

For the last decade, we have assisted clients and families throughout Ventura County and Los Angeles County, providing sound legal guidance that works to protect their future and the next chapter of their lives. Attorney Stephanie L. Mahdavi is a certified family law specialist in California, offering experienced representation that is customized to the specific needs of the client and his or her children.

Helping Your Family At A Difficult Time
We carry the legal burden of all family law and divorce issues, including:

Our attorneys provide compassionate representation in handling domestic violence issues, whether you are seeking protection from an abusive spouse or wishing to prevent a spouse or partner from being granted a protective order against you.

Long-term planning and retirement accounts are included in property division and must be carefully valued to ensure that they are divided fairly

Skillful valuation of your business or professional practice is essential to protecting the investments you have made. We work with expert business valuators to assess the property value of the business and income available for support.

A Judgment can be modified after the fact to reflect changes in location, income, assets or other personal circumstances that affect the children or spouses.

We help with either side of spousal support or alimony requests. Whether you are requesting or contesting a potential support award, our lawyers will demonstrate to the court a clear picture of the issues in your case.

Child support awards are governed by statute and tied to the specific income of the parties. We know how to properly evaluate your situation to determine the appropriate amount of support that should be granted.

Our firm facilitates the division of all property and debt held between the couple during the marriage, working with skilled financial professionals and experts to accurately value all assets.

We assist both mothers and fathers in paternity-related issues including; fathers’ rights, seeking visitation and seeking child support.

We are prepared to handle all forms of high-asset divorce, including the division of complex property and estates of a high net worth.

Our experience equips us to provide creative and customized parenting plans and solutions that allow both parents ample time with the children.

Relocations and move-aways are more likely to be granted to the parent that has at least 70 percent physical custody and who must move from the area for reasons that the court sees fit including work-related matters. Move-aways are highly litigated and prior to trial a full custody evaluation is a useful tool for the court to determine if a planned move is in the best interest of the children.