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At the Law Offices of Stephanie L. Mahdavi, we are committed to helping our clients resolve their family law disputes. We can handle all matters related to your divorce. Whether child custody, child support, domestic violence, division of assets or anything pertaining to your divorce, leave it all in our hands. Your initial case evaluation will be a one meeting with a Camarillo divorce attorney. This is a great opportunity to discuss all the details of your divorce case and make a solid decision about your future and the future of your children.

A compassionate approach

We understand that a divorce can be a devastating event for both spouses as well as their families. It’s a difficult process that may involve stressful legal battles, especially when there are children involved. When partners don’t agree on important issues such as child custody, child visitation, property division, and alimony, the legal intervention of a Camarillo divorce attorney becomes necessary.

Stephanie L Mahdavi has 19 years of experience handling all divorce aspects and will help you make an informed decision as well as bear all your legal burdens. We are also ready to take on the most complex divorce cases that may require litigation. Our compassionate yet tough approach is evident throughout the whole divorce process from start to finish.

Sound legal representation

Most people don’t think about marriage dissolution when they first get married and when a divorce occurs they are not ready to handle the process. You have built a life with your spouse and although the urge to move on is there, it can be a little frightening at first. Divorce is generally a natural consequence of the spouses’ actions. People tend to change and sometimes the best way to deal with these circumstances is going in different ways.

Whatever prompted you to consider a divorce, make sure a qualified Camarillo divorce attorney handles all the legalities. Even amicable divorce cases are difficult to face on your own. Our attorneys will analyze your circumstances and guide you through the whole process.

Dealing with complex divorce matters

When a marriage ends, other issues may arise and they must be dealt with. Child custody, for example, involves matters such as:

  • Legal and physical custody – Legal custody allows the parent to make important decisions in the child’s life such as education, medical issues, and religious upbringing. Physical custody, on the other hand, is when a parent has the physical control of the child. Both of these are essential to the child’s healthy upbringing.
  • Determining if the custody will be primary, sole, supervised or partial.

Although not all family law matters are related to a divorce, many of them are, and should be handled according to the divorce laws in Camarillo and the state of California.

Family law counsel in Camarillo

Our firm is proud to pursue the legal rights of many families in Camarillo. We have been representing clients throughout Southern California and will make sure your future and the future of your children are protected. Contact us today and schedule your initial case evaluation.

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