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Have you ever been part of domestic violence? During that, it's important to Hire Camarillo domestic violence attorney who can help you to come out from it. Call at 805-379-4550.
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Camarillo Domestic Violence Attorney

Camarillo Domestic Violence Attorney

At the Law Offices of Stephanie L. Mahdavi we have been practicing family law for over a decade. Our Camarillo domestic violence attorneys understand how abusive environments can affect you and your family. Whether you are a victim of domestic violence or facing charges, we will represent you in court and make sure your rights are fully protected. Camarillo domestic violence Stephanie L. Mahdavi has successfully defended domestic violence charges, protected victims of family violence in Camarillo, and will use her experience and skills to fight your case.

Restraining orders

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you can seek protection against this abusive behavior. Although restraining or protective orders can’t stop the abuse, they allow the victim call the police and have the offender arrested when the order is violated. An EPO or Emergency Protection order is a short-term order while a protection order can last up to five years or even a lifetime. This order can be renewed if the offender continues threatening the victim. There are some provisions included such as the No Contact Provision, Stay Away Provision, Move Out Provision, Firearms Provision, and Peaceful Contact Provision. A Camarillo domestic violence attorney can advise you about how to obtain adequate protection for you and your family.

False allegations of domestic abuse

False allegations of domestic violence are very common. Statistics show that about 90% victims recant their story. Some factors such as fear, pressure, and even false accusations may have influenced the victim to recant the original statements. Sometimes false allegations are believed by the court. Someone may lie in court to get advantage during child custody or divorce proceedings. The main reason this happens is due to the broad terms used to define domestic violence. Only a gesture that’s considered threatening can be used to support that domestic violence actually happened. These scenarios are particularly true for men who are viewed as physically stronger than women.

Find legal protection

Victims of domestic violence need legal protection and the counsel of a well-versed Camarillo domestic violence attorney. Although safety should be your priority, there are other needs that need to be met, which the court or legal system may not provide for you. The judge will require the necessary evidence to prove that domestic violence occurred. Attorneys are expert at gathering such evidence and ensuring your case runs smoothly.

Your family law case and free initial consultation

Family law disputes can often involve domestic abuse. This is why you need Camarillo domestic violence attorney to pursue protection for you and your family. At Law Offices of Stephanie L Mahdavi, our experienced team of legal advocates has dealt with cases like yours in Camarillo and surrounding areas. Camarillo has a high rate of domestic violence. Don’t become part of the statistics and seek legal advice today.
If you are afraid of your safety and the safety of your family or your have been wrongly accused of domestic violence, contact our Camarillo domestic violence attorneys. You can schedule your initial free consultation and we’ll explain to you the whole process from start to finish. We wait for your call.