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Thousand Oaks Divorce Attorney

Thinking of Divorce? You have options

Seemingly from one day to the next your entire life changes because, for many reasons. you are now facing a divorce. A divorce can be one of the most difficult personal circumstances a person will have to endure. There are so many things you have to consider and take care of including child care and living arrangements. You will now also have to divide assets and deal with the terrible emotions that comes along with the end of a relationship.

Having the right legal representation can make all the difference when starting your new life. As a certified family law professional, Stephanie L Mahdavi understands what you are going through during this difficult time and places the wellbeing of your children above all else. You have options and we will ensure you are aware of what they are. Each case has its own unique hurdles to consider and can only be determined during a case evaluation with a Thousand Oaks divorce attorney.

Children’s Best Interests

A divorce is hard to begin with but can become much more difficult when children are involved. During a divorce, custody and child support can be some of the most heated and high stakes topics in the courtroom. Some partners can never agree on this topic even after the court has decided or one partner feels the decision was unfair. This is when some will seek a modification. The topic is very sensitive and your relationship with your children will be effected for many years to come. There are many custody options including sole custody and joint custody. There are also many things the judge will consider when determining visitation and child support.

Divorce Planning and Spousal Support

The way that couples split their finances is different for each marriage and in some cases one spouse will have more earning capacity than the other and is a major aspect of how the finances are run in the household. Due to a divorce, you will need time to adapt to a new lifestyle and less income. Depending on the case, support can be awarded either temporarily to help the other spouse get back on their feet or permanently. Courts will use information like the length of the marriage and the sacrifices or contributions that were made throughout the marriage by each spouse.

Property Division

Being a community property state, California requires that all assets and debts acquired throughout the marriage be divided equally upon divorce. Do not try to figure the totals out on your own. Our Thousand Oaks divorce attorneys have financial professionals who will comb through every financial record to determine an appropriate number.

Thousand Oaks Divorce Attorneys Can Help

There are many aspects that go into a divorce from the division of assets to child support and visitation. There are many options available when the end of a marriage is imminent. Our Thousand Oaks divorce attorneys understand this and will be able to review your circumstances and determine the best course of action. Our goal is to ensure you and your children are protected during a divorce. Contact us to schedule a case evaluation